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1. The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty

The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty Who is the real God? A tri nity of persons (The Trinity) or just one person, the F at h...

Thursday, 26 September 2013

111. Presentation of some biblical points

Presentation of some biblical points

a) What distinction has to be made with using the word "worship"?

When someone leaves a sign of submission, request, courtesy or gratitude to the other, he or she does not mean it as a worship of God (Genesis 11,12,  Luke 8:41, Revelation 3:9). Christians are forbidden to worship with exclusive devotion, objects and images, people (living or dead), the angels or worship Jesus as God the Father. Exclusive devotion to worship belongs only to God the Father (Exodus 20:1-5, Acts 10:25,26, 14:15; Revelation 19:10, 22:8,9). They have one God, the Father and worship in this sense, only Him, as did Jesus Christ, the Son of God and he also taught us to do so (Luke 22:41-45, Matthew 4:10).

b) What is the Christian injunction on use of force against their peers?

Christians are forbidden to kill and take revenge on their enemies, for whatever reason (Matthew 5:21,22 Matthew 5:38-48, Romans 12:17-21, James 1:19-21). To their defense they have to put it first under the protection of God and then under the protection of the laws that guarantee and protect the right to live and liberty of every man. Self protection is possible, immobilization (when is possible and without kill the life or injury to the aggressor) is allowed in certain exceptional cases (ex. mentally ill, one who does not know and wants to light up your house, burglary, etc.). - to compare with Matthew 24:43. In cases of force majeure (persecution, etc..) avoid conflict as our Lord Jesus taught: Matthew 10:23.

c) What wise exhortation is to be followed in terms of prayer and fellowship? And in terms of speaking in tongues?

In prayer and fellowship, we reject those pagan type of chaotic manifestation that dishonors the assembly and God: Matthew 6:5-8, 1 Corinthians 14:23,40. "Speaking in tongues" was a sign of warning for the Jewish unbelieving community, and once this sign of warning fulfilled - namely, that of warning - 1 Corinthians 14:21,22 this sign ceased, 13:8, Isaiah 28: 11.12. 
1. The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty
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