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The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty Who is the real God? A tri nity of persons (The Trinity) or just one person, the F at h...

Saturday, 5 January 2013

56. The Bible Student Movement and it's fractions

The Bible Student Movement and it's fractions 

From the internet:
First schism was with Nelson H. Barbour
A book about Nelson H. Barbour the chief of CT Russell

After the Judge ejected the majority of the Board of Directors, pilgrims and other bethel workers, 
new groups were formed in hopes of continuing the ministry of Pastor Russell.

Some of the groups we are going to document here are as follows:
International Association of Bible Students

Associated Bible Students
New Covenant Believers
Pastoral Bible Institute, Inc.
Watchers of the Morning - Isaac Hoskins
Stand Fast Bible Students Association
Elijah Voice Society
Servants of Yah - C. H. Zook
Laymen's Home Missionary Movement - Paul S. L. Johnson
Epiphany Bible Students Association - John Hoefle
Laodicean Home Missionary Movement - John Krewson
Divine Plan Foundation
Dawn Publishers, Inc. - Norman Woodworth
Bible Student Examiner - Olin R. Moyle

Christian Millennial Fellowship, Inc. - Gaetano Boccaccio
Chiesa Cristiana Millenarista
Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, 285-A
65126 Pescara
E-mail (internazionale:)
URL (internazionale:)

Friends of man - Alexander Freytag
Chiesa del Regno di Dio
Corso Trapani, 11
10139 Torino
Tel.: 011-745102

Overseas and Canadian Groups

Bible Students Committee
God's Kingdom Society, Africa
Bible Students Publishing Concern, UK
Bible Fellowship Union, UK
New Jerusalem Fellowship, UK
Old Paths Publications, UK
Maran-atha Conference, UK
Goshen Fellowship, UK  - Jesse Hemery
Institute of Pyramidology, UK
Philanthropic Assembly of the Friends of Man, Denmark
Angel of Jehovah BIble and Tract Society, Sweden
Free Bible Students, France, Greece
South India Bible Students Committee, India
Berean Bible Institute, Australia
New Covenant Fellowship, Australia

Some schisms during the Jehovah's Witness years have also occurred.

Back to the Bible Way - Roy Goodrich
Jewish Bible Students
Love Ministries, Inc.
True Faith Jehovah's Witnesses
The Way of the Truth Bible Association
Christian Fellowships International, Canada

There are many more groups that I can mention, some are very active ecclesias who publishing books and journals, others who rallied around a prominent elder, still others who formed committees and published some obscure book or journal and folded after the death of itrs founders.

Interestingly, there seems to be more offshoots of the JW's now then there are Bible Students. There is thee xJW community who have no faith, and theere is the xJW community that still have faith and have formed groups of their own.

Bible Standard Ministries

The Life, Ministry, and Legacy of
Pastor Charles Taze Russell

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