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Sunday, 6 January 2013

59. Some info about this Bible Student and JW groups

Some info about this Bible Student and JW groups 

From the internet:
1. Laymen's Home Missionary Movement of Chester Springs, PA. (50,000-100,000 members) These folks are accepted by some Christian groups even though they have almost the same theology as Jehovah's Witnesses do - Active
2. Dawn Bible Students Association of East Rutherford, NJ. (20,000-40,000 members) - Active 
3. The Associated Bible Students and the Pastoral Bible Institute
4. Berean Bible Institute - Australia, Active
5. Back to the Bible Way - Defunct
6. The Christian Believers
7. The New Creation Bible Students Association - Active
8. Most Holy Faith - Active
9. Bomham Textas - ?
JWN thread devoted to the Bonham, Texas Congregation Incident: In 1986 several families of the Bonham, Texas Kingdom Hall broke with the Society. As those families included the trustees to whom the Hall was deeded, the defectors got the building and property. Subsequently the Governing Body changed the deeding arrangements for all Kingdom Halls to make the Society the sole owner. In so doing, the Watch Tower made a final break with "congregationalism" to become a fully "hierarchical" religious entity.
10. Syracuse, Sicily Congregation - ?
YouTube Excerpt from Swiss TV Documentary
RunningOnFaith's summary of the above excerpt in English: In 1988 an entire Sicilian congregation, including its elders, broke away, objecting to the Organization's emphasis on the preaching work to the neglect of charitable acts in the community.
11. Lethbridge, Alberta Congregation - ?
Brief Mention at Joe Emerson's "Schisms" Page
The Lethbridge defections and James Penton
12. Bishops Waltham Congregation, Hampshire, England - ?
13. Romania and Russia - Active
"I was surprised at how many splinter groups there were.  I had always known about the Bible Students, and those JWs in Bonham, TX who left and took their KH with them.  But I had no idea there were also splinter groups in Romania, and Russia."
14. Promethean Ones - ?
"The Promethean Ones are a secret group of active Jehovah's Witnesses, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and other concerned persons. They are dedicated to promoting reform, especially from within the Organization.
The Promethean Ones do not hold organized gatherings but they do utilize the Internet for communication, coordination and the sharing of information anonymously. No list exists so it is difficult to say how many persons are part of the group, however, it is believed that membership entails all levels of the Witness hierarchy, including some well-placed members at the Branches and Brooklyn Bethel. 
A few members of the Promethean Ones may be known to each other and these may use "signs" or other coded signals at gatherings such as District Conventions or Circuit Assemblies to identify each other, however, most members are unknown to each other in the non-Internet world."
15. Christian Witnesses Of Jah - Active
16. Bible Student Examiner - Olin R. Moyle - ?
17. John Paton: The World's Hope (Larger Hope Publishing Company)  - ?
Through the years the Watch Tower Movement has had its share of schisms and offshoot. In fact the Watch Tower Society was formed as a result of a schism between the Rochester, New York group under the leadership of Nelson H. Barbour who published The Herald of the Morning. In 1879, Russell and John Paton went on to published Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence. Russell was the main editor and had five contributing editors. By 1882, Paton and defected to form his own group, and published The World's Hope under the publishing name Larger Hope Publishing Company, which folded in 1916, Paton died in 1922.
18. Otto Von Zech  commune - ?
In 1894, there were another schism as some members believed Russell had too much authority and attempted to wrestle control of the Society from him. The major players all disappeared. Otto Von Zech who did early translations of Zion's Watch Tower into the German language, started his own movement, building a commune.
19. New Covenant 
In 1909 what was known as the New Covenant Schism resulted in a large defection of Bible Students, the largest second only to the 1917-1919 schism in New York, Chicago and Australia.
20. Concordant
After the failure of 1914, there were certain pilgrims who left, some returned, only to defect again. Some joined an existing group of universalist, called the Concordant, who published Unsearchable Riches. This group although small, still exist today. And there is at least one website by a member of this group who is attempting to reach out to International Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses with the message of universalism.
21. Independent Bible Students - Associated Bible Students of Jersey City, NJ.
After 1916, there were of course dozens of schism. Most of these schism were ecclesias who divorced themselves from the Society yo function independently. These are of course the original Independent Bible Students, few exist today. Actually, I only know of one, the Associated Bible Students of Jersey City, NJ.

Sources from internet

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