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1. The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty

The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty Who is the real God? A tri nity of persons (The Trinity) or just one person, the F at h...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

49. CT Russell's wrong view about the gentile times and the great tribulation

CT Russell's wrong view about the gentile times and the great tribulation

If you still need proofs that pastor CT Russell was wrong, and this cause he received his dates not from the Bible:

All this are from the internet

"Luke 21:24 (KJV) - And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

The original calculations were mostly based on dates from John Aquila Brown, who in 1823 published The Even-Tide in which he claimed that the "seven times" of Daniel 4 were a period of 2520 years running from the beginning of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign in 604 B.C.E. to 1917 C.E. While Brown never equated the 2520 years with the "Gentile Times," other writers soon did. Eventually Nelson H. Barbour picked up the torch and put the finishing touches on what became Charles Taze Russell’s (the founder of the Watchtower) chronology. Barbour published his final calculation of the Gentile Times in the September, 1875 issue of his monthly paper Herald of the Morning, starting them in 606 B.C.E. and ending them in 1914 C.E. In January, 1876 Russell read Barbour’s paper, got together with him, and apparently accepted all of Barbour’s time calculations, even becoming a co-editor of Barbour’s paper. These calculations included one that said Christ’s presence began in 1874 and the "day of the Lord" began in 1873. Shortly thereafter, Russell published a similar calculation in the October, 1876 issue of a publication called The Bible Examiner. This paper was published by George Storrs, who was generally influential on Russell and had been a major leader in William Miller’s movement. Storrs was active in Adventist related movements when Russell began publishing. In The Bible Examiner Russell said, on pp. 27-28, concerning his belief that the Gentile Times were a period of 2520 years:

At the commencement of our Christian era, 606 years of this time had passed, (70 years captivity, and 536 from Cyrus to Christ) which deducted from 2520, would show that the seven times will end in A.D. 1914.... We will ask, but not now answer, another question: If the Gentile Times end in 1914, (and there are many other and clearer evidences pointing to the same time) and we are told that it shall be with fury poured out; a time of trouble such as never was before, nor ever shall be; a day of wrath, etc.

Russell wrote in the December 1 Watchtower of 1912:

Many of our readers will recall our reference to this subject in a sermon preached at Allegheny, Pa., January 11, 1904, and published in the Pittsburgh Gazette. We make an extract from that sermon as follows:

We find, then, that the Seven Times of Israel’s punishment and the Seven Times of Gentile dominion are the same; and that they began with the captivity of Zedekiah, and, as will be seen from the Chart, they terminate with the year 1915. According to the best obtainable evidences on the subject, synchronized with the Scriptural testimony, Zedekiah’s captivity took place in October, 605 1/4 years before A.D. 1. If we will add to this 1914 1/4 years, we will have the year, October, 1915, as the date for the end of Gentile supremacy in the world — the end of the lease of 2,520 years, which will not be renewed. Instead, he whose right the kingdom is, shall take possession of it. This, therefore, marks when the Lord himself shall assume control of the world’s affairs, to end its reign of sin and death, and to bring in the True Light.

There surely is room for slight differences of opinion on this subject and it behoves us to grant each other the widest latitude. The lease of power to the Gentiles may end in October, 1914, or in October, 1915. And the period of intense strife and anarchy "such as never was since there was a nation" may be the final ending of the Gentile Times or the beginning of Messiah’s reign.

Later, the 4th President Franz, during the presidency of the 3rd president Nathan Knorr, corrected the start date to 607Tishri, he proposed that the period started with the assassination of Gedaliah in Jeremiah 41."

"The History of mankind's understanding of the Gentile Times

1823 Rev John Brown realises that the period is 2520 years long and believes it started in 604BC at the accession of Nebuchadnezzar. He correctly calculates that the 2520 years would end in 1917AD if they started in 604BC.
1875 Barbour calculates that the 2520 years start in 606, this being 70 years before 536 when the Jews rebuilt the altar he thought. He miscalculates that the 2520 years end in 1914, he was one year out. He forgot that there was no 0 BC, it went 1 BC then 1 AD !
1876 Russell publishes the same in his Bible Examiner
1904 Russell realises that he may be one year out and the Gentile Times might actually end in October 1915
1914 Gentile Times ends (Russell thought on Tishri10, but actually on Tishri15)
1943 Franz adjusts the start date to 607Tishri in the book: 'The truth shall set you free'.  The date for the rebuilding of the altar by Zerubbabel, 70 years after 607Tishri is now 537Tishri, a correct date. But the date for the burning of Jerusalem by Nebuchanezzar of 607 is wrong. And the start of the Gentile Times being the assassination of Gedaliah is also wrong.
1988 Ed Schnopp, collates overwhelming evidence that 604 was the 1st regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar and therefore Jerusalem was burned in 586 BC.  John Brown knew this in 1823, he had the first year of Nebuchadnezzar as 604 !! Ed shows that there are two 70 year exiles, one for Israel and one for Judah. Israel's exile ends in 539Tishri at the fall of Babylon and starts he thought in 609 with the Babylonian conquest of Nineveh or the fall of Assyria to Babylon."

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