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1. The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty

The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty Who is the real God? A tri nity of persons (The Trinity) or just one person, the F at h...

Monday, 14 January 2013

70. Adventist linked family (a little "Babylon" :) )

Adventist linked family (a little "Babylon" :) )

Russellite Groups
Bible Student Groups:

Back to the Bible Way
Christian Believers Conference
Christian Bible Students Association
Christian Millennial Fellowship
Christian Prophets of Jehovah
Dawn Bible Students Association
Epiphany Bible Students Association

Independent Bible Students:

Laodicean Home Missionary Movement
Layman's Home Missionary Movement
Lord Our Righteousness (Life Support)
Pastoral Bible Institute
Philanthropic Assembly


Anglo-Saxon Federation of America
British-Israel-World Federation (Canada), Inc.
Calvary Fellowship, Inc.
Christian Identity White separatist/supremacist group.
Christian Conservative Churches of America
Church of Jesus Christ-Christian (Aryan Nations)
Kingdom Identity Ministries
LaPorte Church of Christ
Christian Research
Church of Israel
Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord
Evangelical Church of Christ (Commonwealth Covenant Church) New Zealand.
House of Prayer for All People
Ministry of Christ Church
National Association of Kingdom Evangelicals
New Christian Crusade Church
Prophetic Herald Ministry
Remnant of Israel
Tabernacle of the Phineas Priesthood
Nontrinitarian Christianity

(alphabetical listing)
American Unitarian Conference (AUC) Founded in 2000 by several Unitarian Universalists who felt that the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) had become too liberal, both theologically and politically. They decided their mission was to promote classical Unitarianism, which they recognized as being based on Christian beliefs though not solely confined by them. They also hoped their organization would be of interest to non-Christians who embrace generic or philosophical theism and Deism. The AUC does not take part in political or social activism. The organization is run by volunteers.
“The American Unitarian” Quarterly journal by AUC.
“Faith, Freedom, Reason” AUC's motto.
Classical Unitarianism (as defined within the AUC) Main tenet is the belief in God as one person as opposed to trinitarianism which holds to the belief in a God of three persons. Among the classical Unitarian principles that the AUC wishes to promote are the unity and providence of God, the compatibility of faith and reason, and the ability of religion and science to work together to improve the human condition. In classical Unitarian fashion, the AUC does not require adherence to a creed to become a member. All who are in agreement with the AUC's religious principles, regardless of denominational affiliation or lack thereof, may join. Many of the members consider themselves Unitarian Christians.
Branhamism (Believers Church) Founded by William Branham.
Christadelphians (Christadelphians' Central fellowship) Dates from roughly 1957, but the Christadelphians as a named group began during the US Civil War.
Christadelphian Member of a premillennial sect founded in the US in 1848 by John Thomas, rejecting the beliefs and development associated with the term ‘Christian’, calling themselves ‘Christadelphians’ (= brothers of Christ) and claiming to return to the beliefs and practices of the earliest disciples. The core of their faith is that Christ will return in power to set up a worldwide theocracy beginning in Jerusalem, and the belief in this is necessary for salvation.
Christadelphianism Doctrines of Christadelphians, especially denial of Trinitarianism and its acceptance of Unitarian and Adventist doctrines.
Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith
Home Ecclesia Association
Kabanalbanalang Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus (Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus)
Unification Church
Unitarian Christian Association
The Way The Church of Yahweh in Christ Jesus




cabinet-drawer 6/5
Adventist Hate Groups/Crimes (British I Groups)

Adventist History

Adventist Publications

Bernardini, Angela - correspondence

Cambra, Walter C. / The Book of Revelation Deciphered

The Evangelical Adventist

"How to be Born Again"

Kaplan, Jeffery Context of American Millenarian Revolutionary Theology

Racial Identity

"Reasoning from the Scriptures"

Russell - White Debate



cabinet-drawer 7/1
Advent Christian Church

Albuquerque Bible Students

America's Destiny

Anglo-Saxon Fellowship

Anti-British Israel

Apolistic Church of God

Armstrong, Ted Garner

Assembly of Christian Soldiers

Assembly of Yhwhhoshua

Associated Bible Students Inc.

Associated Churches of God

Associates for Scriptural Knowledge

Association for Christian Development

Association of Covenant People - Vancouver, British Columbia

Aurora College/Adventism

Basic Bible Church of America

Beacon Light Assembly

Bean, K. Max

Berean Bible Institute - Australia

Berean Christian Conference - PA

Bible Education Ministry

Bible Fellowship Church

Bible Fellowship Union

Bible Sabbath Association

Bible Students Ecclesia of Dayton, OH

Bible Student Groups-correspondence - United Kingdom

Bible Student - misc. correspondence

Bible Student - misc. notes

Bible Truth Program

Biblical Church of God

The Branch

Branch Davidians - Waco, TX

British Israel World Federation

A Candle of God

Chamberlain, W. J.

Center for Law and Religious Freedom

Chicago Bible Students Association

Christ's Gospel Fellowships

Christian Believer's Fellowship - Staten Island, N. Y.

Christian Bible Students - Warren, Mich.

Christian Biblical America

Christian Conservative Churches of America

Christian Identity Missions

Christian Israelite Church

Christian Legal Society

Christian Millennial Church

Christian Millennial Fellowship - Alabama

Christian Prophet of Jehovah

Church of God

Church of God - Cleveland, OH

Church of God - Coldwell, ID

Church of God Abrahamic Faith

Church of God Body of Christ

Church of God Evangelistic Assn.

Church of God, General Council - Meridian, ID

Church of God International

Church of God Sabbatarian

Church of God Seventh Day - Denver, CO

Church of God Seventh Day - Salem, W. VA

Church of God Seventh Era

Church of Israel

Church of Jesus Christ of Philadelphia

Covenant Family of Kingdom People

Covenant People's Advocate

Covenant, Sword, Arm of the Lord

Davis, Haviland W.

Dawn Bible Students

Destiny of America

Doctrine Eschatology

Faithbuilder's Fellowship

Fellowship for the Restoration of Biblical Faith

Fort Worth Bible Students

Foundation for Biblical Research

Gospel of Regeneration

cabinet-drawer 7/2
Harvest Siftings

Heirs of the Blessing

House of Yahweh - Abilene, TX

Institute for Purposeful Living

International Bible Students Association

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Associated Bible Students

Jehovah's Witnesses Bible Believer's Conference

Jehovah's Witnesses bibliography I-II

Jehovah's Witnesses - blood

Jehovah's Witnesses case

Jehovah's Witnesses - Feytag (?) Movement

Jehovah's Witnesses - Round Table of the Scripture

Jehovah's Witnesses - Secondary Foreign Periodicals

Jehovah's Witnesses - Servants of Yahweh

Jehovah's Witnesses - splinter groups

Kingdom Bible Institute

Kingdom of Yahweh

Layman's Home Missionary Movement

LeGrande, William S.

Lenfest, Edna

Lighthouse Gospel Tract Foundation

Lord's Government Church - Americas Promise

Ministry of Christ Church - William P. Gale

National Message Ministry

New Christian Crusade Church

The New Creation

New Jerusalem Fellowship

New Life Fellowship

Northern Illinois Bible Students

Oil of Gladness

The Order

Pastoral Bible Institute

Paul Cain Ministries

People's Christian Church

Philadelphia's Disciples

Primitive Advent Church

The Registry

Religious Liberty and Temperance Assoc.

Remnant Church - Gilroy, CA

Remnant Church - Rochester, N. Y.

Remnant Church of God -Denver, CO

Remnant of Israel

The Restoration Fellowship

Restored Israel of Yaweh

Russell, Charles Taze

Sacred Name - H. C. Ellis

Sacred Name Movement - C. O. Dood

Scripture Interchange

Scripture Research Association

Seventh Day Adventists

Seventh Day Adventists Bible Course

Seventh Day Adventists bibliographies

Seventh Day Adventists Reform Movement

Seventh Day Brethren

Seventh Day Christian Conference

Seventh Day Church of God

Seventh Day Church of Jesus Christ - Durant, Oklahoma

Seventh Elect Church of Israel

Siekman, Will J.

Soldiers of the Cross

Southcott, Joanna


Thomas, Elder Hubert H.

True Light Church

Unification Association of Christian Sabbath Keepers

United Israel

Whitehood Mission Church

Women's Home and Foreign Mission Society

Word of Christ Mission

Workers Together with Elohim

World Wide Church of God

World Wide Church of God (recent mailings)

Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah

"Your Heritage" - Bertrand L. Comparet



cabinet-drawer 7/3
Adventist Review

Amazing Facts

Anti-British Israel

A.D.L. Facts (Anti-Defamation League)

Back to the Bible Way

Bet HaShem - The House of the Name

Bible Advocate

Bible Collector

Bible Students Ecclesia of Dayton, OH

Bible Students Newsletter


Calling Our Nation


Center for Law and Religious Freedom / The Advocate

Christ is the Answer

Christ's Gospel FellowshipsC. L. A. Defender (Christian Law Association)

The Christian Patriot Crusader

Christian Research

Christianity Today

Church of God the Eternal

Destiny of America Broadcaster

Destiny Publishers

Elijah Messenger

Epiphany Bible Students Association

The Faith

Forest Gate Church Bible Monthly

Foundation for Biblical Research

Garrd, Conrad / The Interpreter

Giving and Sharing

Gloombroom Publications

God's Watchmen

Good News Ministries

cabinet-drawer 7/4
House of Prayer for All People



Jehovah's Witnesses - Converted Expositor

Jolly, Edna

Journal of Adventist Education

Kingdom of Yahweh

Laporte Church of Christ

Latter Rain

Layman's Home Missionary Movement




Mount Zion Reporter

The National Message

New Beginnings

Old Theology Quarterly

Paper for All

Present Truth Magazine

Restitution Herald


Sacred Name Publishing House

Safeguard and Armory

Seventh Day Adventists

Seventh Day Church of God / Herald of Truth Newsletter

The Sparkler

Star Magazine

The Truth

Watch and Pray


The Winrod Letter

World Wide Church of God

World Wide Church of God (recent mailings)

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