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1. The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty

The snowball Trinity versus the Father Almighty Who is the real God? A tri nity of persons (The Trinity) or just one person, the F at h...

Saturday, 22 December 2012

37. This is a dialog invitation: Let's talk in love and holiness

This is a dialog invitation: Let's talk in love and holiness

I greet you with peace and blessings from God, Jehovah, our Father Almighty the awesome and glorious Creator of Universe, and from Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

My name is Ianos (John) Takacs. I'm a Christians and my vision is to discuss Bible truths and topics in disagreement with the present day official Christian movements (Denominations of Churches), urging them back to the Bible way (salvation by God through Christ only, that no Trinity, no endless torment, no immortal soul, no Christian-war, etc.). I am not a so called JW, nor I am in the JW's splinter groups, like The True Faith Jehovah's Witnesses and others. I want a true dialogue with all in Christians, in love.
A dialog is a work in progress, and slowly. We must be patient.
So, I'd like to invite you to go and check it out this blog's article, and then decide if you wish to participate:
Waiting For The Final Test
My only goal here is to give glory to Jehovah God, the Father Almighty and to Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, because I recognize his authority and even more important the sacrifice of his Son, our Savior, because he gives his blood for our salvation. 
To me this is most important and the whole world must realize this. Nothing to do for our present time glory. With this writings I try to save from some error as many souls as possible, from all over the world. 

Feel free to ask any question you like, but be honest before God. If you already know me, then consider this a friend request. 

I hope to see your comments there soon! Feel free to share this information to others. Thank you!

With Christian love,
Brother Johnny (Ionica) 
Phone +40 0751486274  

Post Script

Here is an article:
Emperor Constantine and the Erythraean sibyl (pagan oracle)

It is very interesting how emperor Constantine used a pagan oracle in a theological argument against his enemies. At that time, and before that time, some Christians from the Gnostic movement believed that the pagans were also inspired by God.

"(18.) Lend your ears and listen a little, impious Arius, and understand your folly. O God, protector of all, may you be well – disposed to what is being said, if it should admit of faith! For I, your man, holding to your propitious providence, from the very ancient Greek and Roman writing (WOW!!!) shall demonstrate clearly Arius’ madness, which has been prophesied and predicted three thousand years ago by the Erythraean sibyl. (19.) For she indeed says: “Woe to you, Libya, situated in maritime regions, for there shall come to you a time, in which with the people and your daughters you must be compelled to undergo a terrible and cruel and very difficult crisis, from which a judgment both of faith and of piety in respect to all persons will be given, but you will decline to extreme ruin, for you have dared to engulf the receptacle of celestial flowers and to mangle it with a bite and you have polluted it with iron teeth.” (20.) What then, knave? Where in the world do you admit that you are now? There, obviously; for I have your letters, which you have scraped with the pen of madness toward me, in which you say that all the Libyan populace is of the same opinion with you – doubtless in regard to salvation. But if you shall deny that this is so, I now call God to witness that truly I send to Alexandria – that you may perish more quickly – the Erythraean Sibyl’s very ancient tablet, composed in the Greek tongue."

Arius view - that the Son of God has a beginning - was well received in his country and the emperor did not contradict this notice "in which you say that all the Libyan populace is of the same opinion with you" but tried to fight this popularity with a pagan oracle.

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